My Dad Roland Drugge

Born 1938 03 07

Died 2007 03 24




My dad Roland Drugge was an engineer and he raised me to be an engineer. When I was a child he  tought me to swim, he tought me bicycling. We where very often on cross contry-skiing and he get me down-hill skiing equipment.

Often we where out in the woods and picked, blueberry, ligonberry and cloudberry. And we picked mushrooms. Sometimes we went in the mountains. I always have the promise of using his set of tools when I where carpeting and do mechanical works on my motorcycle. In my youth I was playing chess and my dad give me chess lecture and we trained variants in the beginning of my chess carrier. When I was 13 years old he get me a commodore 64, which he tought me to program, both BASIC and machine language.  When I was 16 years old I started to educating me to machine engineer.  My dad supported me with help of the mathematical and physical problem and he always inspiring me because he worked as a engineer at LKAB. He also got a big mathematical library that I often was reading books from. He tought me to knot a tie. After my military duty I got a job as a programmer at nikab in Geallivare and I can thank my father of that I got this job. In August 1992 he initiated the fan project at nikab, and then I invented the spiral fan. The years on nikab which the chief was Goethe Skoeld have been a decisive period of my carrier to be an good engineer. Goethe Skoeld have also recently died. And Goethe and my dad was very carefully of giving me praise when I have done a well done job, which have stimulated me.




Thanks for that dad!!!.



My father when he was educating to engineer at Bergschool in Filipstad, 24 years old





Speach for dad beside the coffin, my sisters and me



My aunts Anita and Kerstin with their boyfreinds



Lars and Ingmarie with their kids



The family and dads girlfriend



Dads friends from the Druids, take a last goodbye